Rving with pets

Introducing our Two New Pets

Kera: We are outside of Wickenburg, AZ at State Trust Land Camping, dry camping with some of our best friends.
Kelly: I founded Arizona Border Collie Rescue 20 years ago. And since then, it’s grown into rescuing almost 4,000 dogs. We currently own 15 dogs, and we have decided to start dry camping– because we like to enjoy our dogs and our friends without a lot of other people around. We try to bring about half of our dogs when we come. They enjoy camping. They enjoy hiking. They get to play some ball when they’re out. And we just get to spend time with them and ourselves and our friends. We have a little side-by-side sand car that is fun to go off roading on. We go out to the sand dunes. There’s an area of sand dunes out in East– it’s East California.

Kera: The rig we chose was a Forest River XLR fifth wheel toy hauler. We originally bought this because we wanted to be able to bring our side-by-side car into it, and also it has plenty of room for guests, if we have guests, and there’s plenty of room for the dogs, when we bring the dogs. And we have handicapped dogs in the back end of our camper– has a ramp that they’re able to get in and out of easily. We do have a website. It’s www.azbcr.org, and we also have a Facebook page, Arizona Border Collie Rescue. We rescue up to 350 dogs a year, and rehome them. We’re gonna probably have the number 4,000 dog this year that we’ve rescued, which is a huge accomplishment. This is Carly, and Carly was found severely injured, and had a spinal cord injury, and she has since lost her back legs, but she still gets around and is a happy dog, but all our fundraising events and things we do for the dogs, all the monies go back towards dogs like this. We have a rescue calendar every year that all of our dogs in there are from our rescue, and this is one of our fundraising events that we do.

What a great job this group does, and if you’d like to learn more about the Arizona Border Collie Rescue or, better yet, adopt one of these lovely dogs, visit their website at azbcr.org