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RV Newbies, Water Bypass System and Maintaining your RV Roof

Waking up to ‘drip…drip…drip’ from your RV roof onto your bed is an awful feeling. Water leaks are one of the most destructive things that can happen to an RV. Our Lance was only a year old, but, as we’ve learned, many things can disturb the caulking around items attached to your RV roof such as the solar panel or air conditioner or super fan and it’s critical to take a look up there once or twice a year. So, how did we deal with it?

We considered our options. We researched what to do. Problem is, we’ve never climbed on top of an RV and our small Lance had a non-weight bearing roof and it’s a small roof! When we called the local RV dealer they could not take a look at it for at least 6 weeks. It’s one thing watching a video or reading instructions but we needed more hand-holding for this task.

So, we reached out to the RV Dealer we purchased our Lance from. They are located 300 miles from us in Massachusetts but they had the unit we wanted when we decided to purchase our Lance last year. Happy Camping RV Sales‘ owners have been marvelous to deal with. They are a small RV Dealer who only carry a few quality lines of RVs. They reach out to us proactively often. And, we’ve become good friends with Hans and Pam on the road as well! Their sales manager, Max Nason, immediately called us back and we arranged to bring our RV up there to Vermontville, NY to get our maintenance lesson.

We hope this video lesson will give others the confidence it gave us!