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Calaveras Big Tree State Park is located just 3 miles north of Arnold, California

Calaveras Big Tree State Park is located just 3 miles north of Arnold, California, on Highway 4. The park is a magnificent display of the largest tree species alive today. The giant sequoia, closely related to the coastal redwood, is well-named because it’s big and it’s the largest living organism on the planet. A quiet walk among these sun-dappled glades can soothe the soul and awaken the senses to this superb part of the natural world. Time spent casually wandering here is time well spent. A full-feature visitors center is on site to answer any questions about the facility. Tourist visits started here about 1850 and the park is as popular as ever today.

Well maintained trails and boardwalks make for easy walking access. There are numerous trails  of varying difficulty, including wheelchair accessible, located throughout the park. Handy trail guides are keyed to numbered posts along the way so visitors can match the guide information to trailside features.

The big stump, for example, was once used as a dance floor during the mid-1800s. The original tree was more than 280 feet tall and the stump was close to 25 feet wide. A fun walking path leads through the center of one of the fallen giants. It’s definitely cooler in here on a warm day.

The park’s two campgrounds feature 120 sites. Many are tent only but there’s also room for RVs up to 30 feet long. Plan on making reservations well ahead of a visit.