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Camp Taylor - Columbia NJ

Hi, Michelle here from “Rollin’ On TV” and we’re staying at a campground called Camp Taylor located in the beautiful mountains of Northwest New Jersey. 

It has 150 sites and 400 acres of pristine forest and within Camp Taylor is the privately owned Lakota Wolf Reserve.

Janine describes her favorite campground: Jean and Clayton Taylor own this campground. Clayton’s father built this pond, like, 50 years ago. To me, this is the nature lover’s campground. This is an old-fashioned campground where it’s about camping. It’s got a cute little store up there where you can get an ice-cream cone. There’s no, like, bouncy pillows here and stuff, and we sit out here at night and you can hear the Lakota Wolf howling. It’s just a beautiful natural campground. This is how I camped when I was a kid.

They have about 350 acres here. The hiking is fantastic here. You can get to the Appalachian Trail from this property. If you hike all the way up to the top, you can connect to the Appalachian Trail. Or you can get in your car and drive about 6 miles away to the big parking lot and pick up the trail there. So you could do a nice day hike on the Appalachian Trail but there’s beautiful trails right here on this property. And it’s a good hike.

They offer electric and water at some sites but no septic.We’re right in the border here, the Delaware water gap, so we’re right across the river is the Poconos and here we’re in New Jersey and this is solid rock so it’s very hard to build the septic here. So for most campgrounds in this area, you’re not gonna get septic on your site.

You can go into Strasburg and do all the museums and antique shops and have a great lunch so there’s a little bit of everything.

Michelle: As we were saying goodbye to owner Clayton Taylor, he gave us one more great tip: don’t follow your GPS to get here.

Clayton Taylor: There’s a very steep hill coming up this mountain. We do not recommend trailers coming that way. On our website and all of our camp directories, you come up Benton Road, Wishing Well Road, and Mount Pleasant. It’s about 3 miles longer but the hill is not nearly as steep so make sure you don’t follow your GPS; follow our direction.