Airstream and Studio F.A. Porsche Reveal the Camping Trailer of the Future

While the Porsche-designed concept you see here does not feature such a powertrain, the design team took great care to maximize the trailer’s aerodynamics. Rather than a rounded rear end like other Airstreams, the concept features a truncated, flat design that’s better for aero but also allows for the inclusion of a hatchback setup that can open the interior of the trailer to the outside.

The trailer’s completely flush underside is yet another attempt at making it more aerodynamic. The concept uses composite materials such as carbon fiber to help keep the weight down. Aluminum exterior panels are used here—just as they are on contemporary Airstream products—but the brand’s rivets have been omitted in the name of reducing drag.

Purists might say that a rivetless trailer means it’s not a true Airstream, but from the looks of it, enough of the brand’s design cues have been included in the concept to earn its place in the brand’s history books.

“Going into this collaboration, we knew that if we tied Porsche’s hands we’d end up with what we already have,” Wheeler said. “What we ended up with is beautiful, functional, and represents the brand.”

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