Families and Camping

RVS and Family Reunions

Jeff Johnston: One of the best, most fun uses for your RV is getting together with other RV owning family members for a big group campout. The Pranger clan of Hillsboro, Oregon, along with Delplanch, Cochrane, Jantz, and other family members gathers each year for a long weekend of fun, food, laughs, and camaraderie.

Silver Cove RV Resort in Silver Lake, Washington was the site for this year’s event. About 70 family members in a variety of RVs, from young children to seniors, occupied a group of adjacent campsites. Make no mistake, it takes some coordination and long-term reservation planning to make this happen. Plan a year ahead to get this many campsites together in one group.

This well-chosen location also includes activities such as boating and kayaking, plus a kids playground. Group potluck style meal preparation with everyone pitching in is great fun with family and friends close by. And the RV awning and kitchens help make the process more comfortable. Long-term experience helps the families with herding the cats for this event. This kind of family RVing event can be a lifelong tradition.

And comfortable RV camping makes it even better. Although this is clearly an adult inspired event, most kids love camping, and this is the kind of weekend they remember for years to come.

Between the campfire cooking, riding bikes with the cousins, bouncing on the raft or hanging out in the hammock, these memories are priceless for them. Of course, time around the campfire with loved ones close by is precious for your family. It’s hard to beat the memories and fun to be had from this part of the campout.

Our home for this event was a No Boundaries model 16.8 trailer supplied by Sutton RV of Eugene, Oregon. Its full-size bed, comfortable sofa doubling as a dinette, and well appointed kitchen kept us content. And the nice size dry bath also did its job effectively.