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RV Window Do-Over ‘Stained Glass’ look

All of us that have owned an RV for some time, or even if you are looking at RV's, will find that the industry's taste in color is basically earth tones.  Well, why not? You will be out in the woods camping with trees and campfires - drab brown should be the order of the…
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How to inspect, and fix, water damage on your RV

Understanding your RV with RV Education 101 In this segment with Mark Polk of RV Education 101, the topic is how to inspect an RV for water damage. Whether you're purchasing a used RV or you already own an RV, it's a good idea to periodically inspect for any indications of water damage. If you…
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Getting that Used Trailer ‘Up to Snuff’

 Dan's Used Trailer Gets Up to Snuff There's very few days as exciting as the first day that you bring home your new or slightly used trailer. The one Jeff uses in this show is a 1996 Kit Road Ranger. The owner, Dan Mountjoy, has been going around and doing a little bit of…
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How to Increase your Tow Vehicle’s Longevity

When you spend fifty thousand dollars or more (of your hard-earned money) for a tow vehicle you don’t intentionally abuse the vehicle. But sometimes we abuse the vehicle and don’t even know it.  For example, if you don’t have the proper hitch set-up and too much weight is resting on the hitch ball itself you…
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Top 5 RV Buying on a Budget Tips

If you buy an RV and don’t have any money left in your budget to use and enjoy the RV it will be nothing more than a large lawn ornament sitting beside your house. So, the big question is how can you buy an RV on a budget that works for you? In a nutshell,…
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How to De-Winterize and Sanitize the RV Water System

Let’s start our spring RV preparation by de-winterizing the RV plumbing system. Depending on how your unit was winterized it will need to be de-winterized, but make sure the freezing temperatures are over for the season before you de-winterize. Basically what needs to be done is to flush all of the non-toxic RV antifreeze out…
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How to Maintain your Non Weight-Bearing RV Roof

Michelle and Laurie take their Lance 1575 way up North to Vermontville, NY. Why? There was a small leak somewhere on their RV roof. Since their 1575 has a non-weight bearing roof, they didn't want to damage it. They just didn't have the confidence to try and fix it themselves. Max Nason, Sales Manager at…
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How-To Apply RV Sealants

If I was asked what the biggest maintenance related problem with RVs is, my response would be water damage. When you consider all the flexing and movement RVs endure while traveling down the road it’s no wonder the seams and sealants start leaking. To make matters worse, most water leaks originate at the RV roof,…
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Basic Maintaining your Non Weight-Bearing RV Roof

 Waking up to 'drip...drip...drip' from your RV roof onto your bed is an awful feeling. Water leaks are one of the most destructive things that can happen to an RV. Our Lance was only a year old, but, as we've learned, many things can disturb the caulking around items attached to your RV roof…
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How to Replace Your RV Window Awning Shade

The Carefree of Colorado Simply Shade Window Awning is the first window awning that features DIY Installation. No more waiting or paying for labor to have your window awnings installed! It's pretty darn simple as this video shows.

Now you can coordinate your RV window and slide awnings and even your ground cover to complete your RV outside look! The Simply Shade Window Awning is a complete window awning package that can be bought and installed the same day. No more waiting around for arm sets and rollers to arrive, the Simply Shade Window Awning has everything you need to have it on your RV and in use the same day you purchase it!