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RV Education 101 - Water Filtration Option for your RV

Hi, I’m Mark Polk with “RV Education 101.” I think one thing we can all agree on is when you travel in an RV and stop
at different destinations, it’s a good idea to have some type of water-filtration system on board. The good news is the full line of AquaFRESH water filters by Valterra gives you all the options you need for safe and refreshing water in your RV. Let me show you more about the AquaFRESH water filters right now.

Mark: Safe drinking water has always been on the minds of RV owners. Today we are going to talk about a full line of AquaFRESH water filtration that will ease your mind about drinking water when you are camping. Before we jump into the AquaFRESH filters, there are a few terms you need to understand. One is the filter’s micron rating. This determines the size of debris that is filtered out of the water. To give you some perspective, one micron is equal to one millionth of a meter. Next, we have the filtration media. You will hear me mention GAC’s, which is granular activated carbon. In laymen’s terms, GAC’s reduce the taste and odor of chlorine. Then there is kinetic degradation fluxion, or KDF. KDF is the most advanced water-filtration media there is. It uses copper and zinc to produce a chemical reaction that removes harmful chemicals from the water.

Speaking of media, there are two carbon-block cartridges. This exterior carbon-block cartridge filters to five microns, which is good, but this advanced carbon-block cartridge filters to 0.05 microns. Then we have the cyst  and sediment cartridge, which filters to one micron and removes rust, sediment, and cyst. And, last, but certainly not least, is the sediment pre-filter cartridges. They filter at 10 microns and remove rust and sediment. So you can see water filters offer various degrees of protection, depending on the media and microns. For example, this 20-micron exterior inline water filter eliminates concerns about rust, sediment, chlorine, volatile organic chemicals or VOCs, mercury, lead, and copper, and it is good for up to 3,000 gallons of water or six months. It includes this hose saver to connect the filter between the drinking water hose and the RV. Now, all the water going into the RV is filtered. Now, let’s say you only wanna filter the water at the kitchen sink. This is an interior RV in-line water filter. It has half-inch fittings on both ends to install it in line. It filters to 20 microns, using both GACs and KDF media, which removes rust, sediment, chlorine, VOCs, mercury, lead, and copper. 

This is a single exterior water-filter system. It includes a single housing with a five-micron carbon-block cartridge,
a wall bracket, and a filter wrench. If we look at our chart, carbon block reduces rust, sediment, chlorine taste, and odor,
and volatile organic chemicals or VOCs. It is rated for 500 gallons or 6 months. This dual exterior water filtration system comes with a 10-micron sediment pre-filter, a 0.5-micron advanced carbon-block filter, a wall bracket, and a filter wrench. The sediment pre-filter removes rust and sediment. Then the water goes through an advanced carbon-block filter to reduce fine rust, sediment, cyst, chlorine taste and odors, VOCs, and mercury.

Mark: So there you have it, AquaFRESH water filters by Valterra give you all the options you need for safe and refreshing water in your RV.

Happy camping from Mark Polk of RV Education 101

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