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Jeff Discovers Space-Saving Kitchenware for Small RVs

Unless you’re in a really, really big RV, there’s pretty much one constant in an RV kitchen. Storage space is usually limited or tight, at best. So, RVers are always looking for solutions to be able to put more stuff into their storage space or make it more efficient. Well, there’s a company called Nautical Scout.

They’ve been selling products to the marine industry for quite some time now, and these products are also something that’s gonna look pretty good and maybe work pretty well for RVers. In this case, for example, all of them are made out of high temperature silicon. This is good up to about 450 degrees, so you can throw it right in the microwave and use it like this, for example. This is a steamer, slightly smaller size steamer. Same thing, has a little portable tray on the inside. This is a two-quart saucepan with a steel bottom. The steel is stainless, so you can use it on any type of heat source, including induction type ovens, for example, but putting it on a regular stove that has propane heat is fine. And this is a four-quart sauce pan.

And then they have these nifty little coffee drip strainer deals. Now, what makes these products a little bit different is the fact that when you’re done using them, they fold up flat. Steamer like this medium size, pop it into itself, and it takes up a lot less space. Same applies to these little coffee deals here. Collapse it down, and you go from this to this, which is a pretty cool space saving.

These large sauce pans, collapse them down. Small sauce pan–you have to be smarter than the pan to know how to operate it. There we go. A little bit of practice. And, of course, you have a four-cup teapot, coffee maker, what have you, with a lid that can be locked shut for safety and convenience when pouring. And this, too, collapses down. And when the teapot folds up, you can stack a whole bunch of pieces together in a relatively small space, and that’s nice in an RV.

And something else is if you’re in a trailer, of course, towing a trailer, the kitchen is back behind you, and you don’t hear it. But if you’re inside a motor home, where your cabinets are close to your driving area, these things don’t rattle and bang around as much as a lot of glass or metal containers might. That can just be a, you know, a little visceral thing, but every little bit of adding comfort and pleasure to your travel adds up.