Show 2020-17

Combining Love of RVing and Dog Shows, Cedar Plank Salmon Meal from The Campground Gourmet and Five Towing Mistakes from RV Education 101!

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Combining RVing and a Unique Sport - Dog Shows

Hi, Michelle and Laurie here for “Rollin’ on TV.” On this trip, we explore one of these unique combinations. How about RVing and competing with your show dogs?

We headed to Indigo, California to meet up with some people who do just that. Check out this story.

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Cedar Plank Salmon Meal

Hi, everyone. I’m Kate Dunbar, the Campground Gourmet for “Rollin’ on TV.” Today I’m showing you how to make a delicious and flavorful southwestern cedar-planked salmon meal. We’re prepping it in the kitchen and taking it out on the grill in a few minutes, so let’s get to the ingredients.

rv Education 101

Five RV Towing Mistakes

Hi, I’m Mark Polk with RV Education 101. Safely and properly towing a trailer is comprised of many factors. The tow vehicle and trailer need to be properly matched, you need all the correct hitch components; and you need a thorough understanding of topics like tires, weights, hitching and unhitching, and actually towing the trailer down the road. Today I want to look at five towing mistakes RV owners make to prevent them from happening to you.