Toy haulers

Comparing 3 Toy Haulers

Toy hauler trailers have been a part of the RV industry for 20 plus years. Toy haulers were initially designed for people to be able to take their mobile toys with them. The toy hauler provides a garage space with a door that flops down, and you park your toys in there. But a lot of people who don’t have those things are buying these because a toy hauler is just a really great idea.

We’re here at George Sutton RV in Eugene, Oregon, where we’re going to take a look at three different models of toy hauler. Kip Shields, the sales manager for Sutton RV will help us learn a little more about the toy haulers.

This is a Wildwood XLite. It’s one of the lighter weight toy haulers, the entry level. On this particular model, you’ve got four sets of springs that have a pretty good tension level on them. So, when it’s coming down, it doesn’t just slam down on the ground. And when you’re putting it up, it actually really helps get the door back up.  And you just give it a tug and it’s–I’m holding it with three fingers right now. It’s pretty easy.

Total length from the back to the front of the hitch is 29 feet and you would tow with a lot of family size pickups. A newer half ton can even do this without any troubles.

This will actually fold out into the bed. And then it’ll come up to the wall here, and they actually have little hooks here where you strap it to the wall so that you have extra room for your toys or whatever, living space, dance area.

It does come standard, but if you didn’t want the furniture back here, the factory could omit that for you. Or you can put it in a storage unit and maybe include it with the trailer if you go to trade it in at some point.

The two chairs will generally go up front near the entry door, or even right next to the bed. They’ve got enough room next to the bed to where they sit in there snug so that they’re not bouncing around and damaging things in travel.

The tie-downs on the floor are centered pretty well to be able to move your toys in between there and not have to be hindered by the cabinets or the door frame there.

It’s pretty hard to miss this bed too. Kip: It’ll go up to the wall– the ceiling there, yes, so that you can get the taller toys, maybe a side by side with a light bar on the top. So, you can get that in here. And then when you pull your toy out, you can drop it down at nighttime so somebody else has an extra bed. Or you store your gear up here in transit because a lot of the floorspace is taken.

So, you can get your toy in, drop it down a little bit, store some totes or helmets and things up there while you’re traveling.

You could describe this as an entry level model, but looking around, that doesn’t say entry level to me. The toy hauler game has really stepped up in the market to give you more amenities. The kitchens in these are unbelievable nowadays. You’ve got your nicer, upscale, higher end solid surface countertops with a sink cover, which is really nice nowadays to use as a cutting board and to cover up dishes if you don’t want to do them for that afternoon. The stainless steel trim is awesome in these.

It just looks more modern and upscale, the nice glasstop cook stove is really nice. Stone looking backsplash certainly adds a nice touch. In the bedroom, you’ve got a nice queen walkaround bed  with lots of underbed storage.

The wardrobes on either side are phenomenal for carrying your clothes, and leaving shoes and things inside. In the bathroom is really nice these days now too with glass showers, so you’re not fighting the curtain off of you every time you’ve ever taken a shower.

Jeff: Yeah, the wet anaconda curtain, yes, yeah.Kip: Yes, lots of room inside there now. So, if you do have to change and get dressed after taking a shower, you’ve got ample room to do that nowadays.

Well, let’s go take a look at this second one then.

All right, well, it looks like, among other things, the open garage area is a little bit deeper on this one. This is a Stealth by Forest River. You have a double bunk system. The first bunk comes down and there’s sofas on both sides. You can have it to where the top bed stays up all the way, so you still have your ample headroom. And then at night, you can pull the pins and drop it about midway down so that you still have two beds back here instead of just one.

But yet if we’re doing daytime functions, you can have plenty of room here too.

The toy hauler part doesn’t seem to impact the living part. It looks like you’ve got everything in here that you would have in a normal, conventional RV. It has one of the largest kitchens I’ve ever seen in a toy hauler.

A little more upscale, you’ve got nicer faucets, little bit nicer luxury countertops with the solid surface Corian. Cabinetry upgrade, larger microwave, larger stove and oven.

A little larger of a bathroom, a lot more changing area, especially for kids. Nice, big wardrobe in there as well.

In the front bedroom, nice queen bed, walkaround, nice underbed storage as well. Wardrobes on both sides, and a nice vent in there to keep the air circulating through there.

And now, we’re going to pop over next door and take a look at a high end coach that has everything you can possibly want in a toy hauler and probably some things you haven’t even thought of yet.

This is a Dutchman Voltage. It is the top of the line, the flagship in the toy hauler industry. Lots and lots of features and lots of room at 43 feet. Forty-three feet means you tow this one with a big dually trailer. Back here, you have the usual garage area, so let’s take a look.

Well, the first thing that I notice about this particular gate is there’s no latches. You enter your key here, and it automatically unlocks from the top. Then you just give the handles a nice little pull. It stopped about halfway down. So, this looks more like a patio now than it does a ramp.

This is pretty neat for safety. We can have your barbecue or kids out here playing. You open up the ramp door and you have a nice little swing out gate here so that you can totally block off the entire thing.

Well, let’s wander on inside and take a look at the inside. Looks pretty exciting in there.

Well, the outside of the rig is pretty amazing looking. The main difference on this one is, unlike the other two that we just saw, this has an enclosed garage area, where your living space and your toy space are totally separate from each other.

Same sofa beds down here. Both of them roll over to make one continuous, large bed. That must be queen size at least, so that’s nice and they’ll actually go straight up to the ceiling too, along with this one up here.

This is a unique feature. This is an entirely separate bathroom. So, anybody in this living space after your toys are out has their own private full bathroom, so they’re not going up next to the master bedroom to use the restroom in the middle of the night.

This is another great feature with these larger fifth wheels that you’ll get. This on the other side from the inside living area is actually going to be another bunk bed. This is another loft space, or storage, or another bed for the kids if the whole family wants to go.

It looks like we’re back into luxury RV territory up here. With this particular model, you have dual opposing slides. So, you add almost three quarters of another RV into our living space here. That slide-out must be 12 feet, and it’s got a gigantic sofa there.It is a five recliner.

And the kitchen looks pretty well appointed here again. Yes, with this one,
you have a little higher end features. You’ve got a massive double door refrigerator on the bottom and a double door freezer on the top. Different cooktop, larger oven. And convection oven now, so you can microwave or convection oven, and you have your gas oven still.

You’ve got a nice queen walkaround bed with an entertainment system up there. Dual wardrobes on either side. And the benefit of that bedroom is you actually have another slide-out up there with an entire wardrobe in it. And it’s about six feet long, lots of clothing storage.

Well, with this many people you can haul in a vehicle like this and accommodate, you’re going to need storage.

In the bathroom, you have a larger residential style shower, a lot more storage room and just room overall to move around up there.

There’s a lot you can do with a toy hauler beyond just hauling your toys, so their versatility and the features they have to offer, they’re certainly worth taking a look at if you’re out on the market for a new RV. We’d like to thank our friends at Sutton RV for accommodating us here.