Show 2021-23

Some RV destinations are equally popular in summer and fall. Jeff gives us another look at the Michigan Upper Peninsula.

Then, Dr. Fitz explains common paw injuries and how to care for your dog’s sensitive paws. 

Mark and Dawn Polk show us important products you should have when prepping your RV for storage.

destination: Michigan UP

A Favorite Multi-Season Destination

Jeff Johnston: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has long been one of our favorite RV travel destinations. Its scenery, history, food, and fun people add up to a region that’s ripe for RV exploration. The trip starts with a run across the Straits of Mackinac Bridge on US 75. Jeff: And there’s something truly magical and fun about the U-P that makes us wanna keep coming back.

rv education 101

How to Prep your RV for Storage

I’m Mark Polk with RV Education 101. When the time comes to put your RV in short- or long-term storage, there are a few products that help make the task easier. Let’s take a look. Tire pressure gauge. A good quality RV tire pressure gauge is an essential tool for RV owners.

paws on board

Pets and Sensitive Paws

I’m Dr. Fitz, and this is Bruno. Today we’re gonna be addressing canine paw protection, specifically related to hot surfaces. The main surfaces that we worry about for heat-related injury are asphalt, cement or concrete, and even sand.