SHOW 2022-11


Destination - the Oregon Coast - Shore Acres

I’m Jeff Johnston for “RVing Today.” We’re here at beautiful Shore Acres State Park on the Oregon coast,
just south of Coos Bay. Join us as we explore three beautiful things to experience in this beautiful area.

Installing a Global Link Remote Keyless Entry Lock

Michelle Fontaine shows us how she installed a new Global Link Bluetooth
Remote Lock system on her RV, along with a single-key lock system on all her storage compartments for a one-key-fits-all solution.

Paws on Board - What to Do When Your Pet Gets Skunked!

Campgrounds are super-common areas for skunk encounters. Dr. Fitz explains what to do when your dog meets up with a skunk when you’re out camping.


Comfortable RV Living with 30 Amps!

Our RV experts, Mark and Dawn Polk from “RV Education 101,” and learn how you can live comfortably on 30 amps in your RV. With a few basic electric formulas you will have a good understanding.