SHOW 2023-06


This area abounds in outdoor activities, history, and interesting things to see and do. For example, there’s this big guy up here behind me, the lighthouse on the river.  It’s a good place to start your Tri Cities exploration. MORE

Refesh an RV EDPM Roof with Mark Polk

Today, we’re gonna discuss how you can add years of life to an older EPDM roof membrane and restore it to that new look to your RV roof’s surface at an affordable price. Let’s get started right now.  MORE

What to do if your dog gets a bee sting while traveling

Did you know that dogs can be allergic to bee stings? Just like people, some dogs can be extremely sensitive to bee stings. Dogs can either be stung by a bee somewhere on their body or be stung after they attempt to eat the bee. MORE

Easy and delicious Bran Muffins for your RV Kitchen

With a little research, recipe testing and tweaking, I came up with my own simple, delicious version of my beloved morning bran muffins. These are filled with raisins, nuts, a natural sweetener, oat bran, and more deliciousness. MORE