Show 2021-06

Mark Polk Explains How to Disinfect your RV, Michelle Shares an Easy Way to Understand Your RV Solar System, Jeff and Pam cook Pizza in Dutch Oven.

RV safety

How to Sanitize your RV in These Times.

What I think is really important to understand, especially during this pandemic, is how to thoroughly clean, sanitize, and disinfect our RVs. This is what we’re gonna discuss today. To really disinfect against COVID-19, we need to first understand how the virus is spread so we know how to disinfect against it. Studies show coronavirus is transmitted primarily by inhalation or from touching contaminated surfaces and then transferring the virus to your face or eyes.

RV Solar System Made Easy

The Three Components of a Solar System for your RV

Michelle explains the three components of a Solar System in your RV – the solar panel, battery and inverter… in easy to understand language.  And includes something you might not know at the end.

food and beverage

Pizza Cooked in Dutch Oven

What if you’re in camp, and you have a fierce craving for a really good pizza, and the nearest pizza-delivery service is hours away? Now, thanks to our viewer Susan Kruzel, who passed along a great recipe idea, we have a campsite pizza solution. The best part is, it uses a Dutch oven, and we’re big fans of Dutch ovens. So this idea is right in line with our favorite campsite cooking techniques.