RV Straight Talk with Jeff Johnston​

Should I Invest in an RV Cover?

Q: “When it comes to winter fifth wheel storage, should I invest in an RV cover? We get rain and wind at the coast. I worry about wear and abrasion, and trapped moisture. I know covers have come a long way since plastic tarps..

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Our question is from Mike somewhere near the coast. Well, Mike, yeah, if you want to take care of your RV, you definitely want to invest in a good quality RV cover. The plastic tarps you mentioned, you know, they may shed some water for awhile until they start ripping up, but their plastic is actually abrasive and fairly stiff. And as it’s wrapped over your RV, while it’s flapping in the wind and whatnot, it’s abrading the finish, damaging your RV. A good quality RV cover made for that job, number one, is water resistant or waterproof. They’re usually breathable so that they allow moisture that’s trapped inside next to the RV the ability to escape. And they also have an underside that has a kind of a soft padded material that won’t damage the finish on the RV. But most of the better quality ones also have a lot of straps and such so you can really tighten them down snug to minimize the amount of flapping and movement in the wind. So, definitely invest in a good quality cover and you won’t regret it. Long-term, it’ll be a huge help to keeping your RV in good condition. Well, I hope that helps a little bit, Mike.

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