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Finally, the Big Reveal of the RVIA ‘Drab to Fab’! Then we visit Duo Form – manufacturers of many RV plastic items! ‘Paws on Board’ talks about pets and car sickness. Then, Jeff’s RV gets Wrapped!  These and more!

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Duo Form Plastics

Duo Form was founded in 1968 here at Edwards Burg, Michigan. It’s always been in Edwards Burg. Over the last 50 plus years, Duo Form is kind of grown into a large recreational vehicle supplier. Probably 90% of our customers are within a 50-mile radius. Being close to the RV capital of the world is a huge plus for us.

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The Drab to Fab Reveal!

So tonight is the big reveal, tada! So what we’re going to do tonight is it’s behind a red curtain. So we’re going to do a little bit of a speech of how far we’ve come and thank our sponsors ’cause we had 41 of them. We had over 80 volunteers. And then we’re going to do the great countdown, and then those curtains are going to part, and everybody’s going to get to see what we accomplished. And here it is. Here is the RV.

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Jeff Gets Wrapped from Graphix Unlimited

Every RV comes from the factory with graphic decorations. Typically these are taped stripes or a painted finish. Greetings, I’m Jeff Johnston for “Rollin’ on TV.” One fun alternative to the usual is a partial or full-body graphics wrap. They’re popular on commercial vehicles and can also be used to dress up a private RV. We decided on a body wrap for our Palomino Truck Camper Project.

Paws on Board

Pet Car Sickness and Remedies

I’m Dr. Fitz. This is Ziggy and her pet parent Hannah. Today we’re going to be discussing car sickness in dogs and what you can do about it. As many of you are preparing your RVs and trailers for the road, you might also be planning to take your canine friends along for the ride. As a veterinarian, a common complaint that I get from my clients is that during longer road trips, say to visit relatives or going on vacation, their dog throws up in the car, and that’s not a mess that anyone wants to clean up. Yes, dogs can and do get carsick.