RV Straight Talk with Jeff Johnston​

Change out RV Tub for Shower

Q: “Is it hard to change out an RV tub and replace it with a shower stand? What are the standard sizes of a shower? – Bill.

A: Hi, by “shower stand” we presume you mean a stand-up shower stall that doesn’t include a bathtub component. It’s something of a difficult job due to the way RVs are manufactured, but it’s not impossible. If you have experience working on residential remodel projects that would give you a leg up on the job if you plan to do the work yourself. You start by measuring your available space, then do a web search for “RV Shower Surround” and you’ll find a wide variety of complete fiberglass shower wall and floorpan units. These are available as kits or as separate components so you can mix and match to fit your space. Rectangular, square, and angled for a corner type shower stalls are among your options. The shower kits are available from several major RV manufacturers and can likely be ordered via your local RV aftermarket parts dealer, which should save you some shipping cost compared to having it delivered to your door.

As for standard sizes, you’ll see the wide variety of sizes available during your hardware web search. While you’re rebuilding things, this is a great time to upgrade your shower faucet unit to a better quality residential-grade model. Many RVs are built with somewhat inexpensive plumbing hardware and if you’re happy with its looks and operation, great, that’s the easy way to go. But upgrading is not a bad thing to consider, too.

You may need to buy the specialized tools needed for working with RV plumbing, especially if your RV is fitted with PEX tubing. It’s not like you need a whole toolbox, but a few items like a tubing cutter and the hand tool needed for Pex hardware can make an RV plumbing job a lot easier. – JJ

Here is a step by step install of a DUO Universal Shower Installation. You can learn more about Duo Form here.