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Easy Outdoor Space Heater popular with Hunting Community

Ray LeQuesne: Good morning. They asked me to show you this little space heater. This type of space heater is very popular with the hunting community. Outdoors only. A lot of carbon monoxide poisoning potential with this, but it’s only outdoors. Does a wonderful job.

Hooks up to a propane tank, 20-pounder, 30-pounder, 40-pounder. They’re all universal right here. This will come in a single burner, two burner, or triple burner, on a manifold. The single burner simply connects to the internals right on the bottle. The multiple burners, they’ll actually clamp to the lip of the tank and then there will be a hose that would connect.

They’re incredibly efficient. Throws a lot of heat. BTU rating, not quite sure on these, but typically at the 100,000 BTU consumption is one gallon an hour on your propane.

So the hook-up is quite simple. If anybody’s ever hooked up to propane or acetylene tanks, a flammable material, you know the thread is typically a left-hand thread. Finger-tight is always good, all right, and we are ready to fire it up. So, you have a control knob here for different levels, different settings. Zero, white, on this particular unit is off, and then you go 1, 2, and 3. So we’re gonna go to the maximum. For the ignition, some systems will have a little red button. It’s called the piezo button, creates a little spark, the igniter. But this one does not have it. This is very basic system, so you gotta light it. So you turn your bottle on and then you do have a button you do need to hold on, depress. You can hear it. [gas hissing] You can hear the gas coming out. When you hear that, hold the button down, side hole, and it’s on. And you gotta hold the red button in for a few seconds and it’ll stay on. And it’s starting to radiate some nice heat. Then to turn it off, you simply just turn the gas off, the bottle off. And don’t forget, you get this control here, you can go back off with it. And give it a few minutes to cool off.

Now, transporting this unit, when you’re not using it and you’re transporting it, they are bulky, a bulky item that can be easily crushed. There’s not a lot of structure. They can easily be crushed, damaged. Sensitive parts down in here. Safety, if it gets tipped over, the safety device will shut the gas off. So there are some safety features built in that you need to protect. There’s a little bit of a switching going on here. So it’s good to have a good sturdy cardboard box with a padding around it for transporting. Always just have that with the unit. That’s part of the unit, a storage container for protection in transportation. 

So, one, outdoor use only. Two, transport protected. It can be easily damaged. But if you take care of it, it’s got some– a lot of good heat, quick heat. So that could be very important. This little burner here, I’m guessing and I might be wrong, is probably a 15, 16,000 BTU per hour, so you could get 5, 6 hours on a gallon of propane with a unit like this.