Show 2021-01
Caring, Affordable Respite Experience for RVers. Then our first ‘Drab to Fab’ story. Later, Jeff answers a question about RV Tires, Also, Mark of RV Education 101 installing a Fastway Flip Jack. 

rv lifestyle

Caring, Affordable Respite Experience for RVers

Two years ago, Laurie and I attended the 59th Escapade, the Escapee’s reunion in Tucson, Arizona. And we came across this information about Escapee’s CARE, and it really felt like a story every RVer should hear. So, two years later, we are in Livingston, TX. Check it out!

RV Industry

Let's Flip an RV to Promote Women in the RV Industry!

Susan Carpenter, President of RVWA: Because we’re a grassroots organization, we’ve only–we’re very young, we’re only about two years into it, and 2020 came along. And we had all these things, all these events planned. And then COVID hit, so we kind of went dormant. And we decided, well, what are we going to do? So, one day, I woke up and for some strange reason, I decided, “Hey, I think we can flip an RV. And let’s call it Drab to Fab.” I mean, it literally happened that fast. It’s been a whirlwind. 

Straight talk

Should I Deflate Tires in Hot Weather?

RV tires and their proper use cause a lot of confusion for RVers. This year, Dennis writes– this week, Dennis writes, “I’ve installed a tire pressure monitoring system. My class C motorhome calls for 80 pounds a square inch tire pressure. Driving in hot weather, they go up to 96 PSI. is that safe? Should I deflate the tires in hot weather?” And that’s from Dennis in North Carolina.

rv education 101

Mark Polk of RV Education 101 Shows How to Install a Fastway Flip Jack

I’m all about saving time and using products that can make a job easier to do, so when I saw this Fastway Flip Jack at a trade show, it immediately caught my attention. No more messing around with blocks of wood, or putting on and taking off the tongue jack foot. The Fastway Flip Jack drops into place automatically when you extend the jack, and it tucks up out of the way automatically when you retract the jack for towing. And it’s easy to install. Let me show you how to do it right now.