SHOW 2022-14


Campers popping up and out all over!

In case you haven’t noticed,
RVs and smaller camping trailers are all popping up and popping out with fabric expandable spaces. And why not? It doesn’t change the unit’s footprint, but it sure can give you a lot of additional space. We’ve been noticing this outgrowth of space for the past few years and recorded a few examples of some we’ve found interesting. Some of these expandables¬† may be something you can add to your current trailer.

Installing a new EBike hitch to this RV

Biking is a growing popular activity for many RVers, but getting the right bike rack for your trailer, and more specifically how to safely mount it, could be a problem. Our own Michelle Fontaine just recently ran into this problem; and, fortunately, she had someone that engineered and fabricated a super safe way to mount the rack and improve the trailer at the same time.

Paws on Board - Dr. Fitz on Aging Dogs

Later, with over 60% of RVers bringing their pets along with them, the fact is that many of our pets are getting older, which means those things they liked to do years ago may not be possible now. This week, Dr. Fitz explains to us how we should care for and things to look
for with our older fur babies when camping. Like humans, as we age, our mind says, “Go for it,” but our body knows better.