Expanding ioCamper is the camper van that sleeps outside the van

Setting the ioCamper up as as freestanding shelter frees the van to do other things during the day, no need to pack up or carry cluttered camping equipment around.

An inside-out camper van? A wheel-less, expandable camping trailer  – again? A truck camper sized for a cargo van? Maybe a simple flip to “van camper” will do the trick? However we classify the ioCamper, it lies just outside the RV categories we’re used to exploring. This expanding camper box rides inside a large van, sliding out at camp to grow to four times its packed size. With no permanent van modification necessary, a roomy interior with four sleeping berths, and some glamping comforts, the ioCamper offers some very clear advantages over the average camper van. Is it the next big thing in #vanlife?

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