Show 2020-23
Jeff revisits Flyte Camp RV Restoration, Straight Talk on Recharging the Black Tank, Campground Gourmet on favorite kitchen tools and RV Education 101 of fixing a roof tear on this Rollin’ On TV Show.

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Flyte Camp RV Restoration

Regular viewers may remember that some years ago, we paid a visit to Flyte Camp, a company in Bend, Oregon, that specializes in repair and restorations of vintage trailers. 

Well, we caught up with Justin Scribner, half of the Flyte Camp crew, at the Rally on the River, in Brownsville, Oregon. And Justin brought us up to speed a little bit on what the company’s been up to in the intervening years.

RV straight talk

Jeff answers a Common Question about ReCharging RV Black Tanks

“I have a friend who says he always puts some fresh water in his black tank after he dumps it. He says this helps him dump the tank the next time. Is this true, or a myth of some kind?”


Campground Gourmet

Campground Gourmet Shares Essential Kitchen Tools

Today, I’m here camping in my beautiful Airstream, and I thought that I would show you a few little things that I keep in the drawer to make our camping time just easier and simpler and working better, where I’m not fumbling over things or trying to find things. So, let’s get right to it.

rv education 101

RV Education 101 on How to Fix a Roof Tear

Welcome back to another RV preventive maintenance series video. When it comes to RV roof care and maintenance, you have preventive maintenance, routine maintenance, and emergency maintenance.

Preventive and routine roof maintenance involves inspecting roof seams and sealants, and making any required repairs. Emergency RV roof maintenance involves repairing things like punctures and tears in your RV roof when you least expect it.