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Your specific questions were answered by a panel of RV professionals including two experts at GoPower; Eva Mitic and Mark Spilsbury, Mark Polk from RV Education 101 and Jeff Johnston of Rollin’ On TV. Janine Pettit of Girl Camper also joined us as the voice from her large audience of Girl Campers.

Questions You Asked

Ron asks - I have 4-6Volt deep cycle lead acid batteries on my 40 foot motorhome wired in series for 12 Volts. I wanted to use 12 V because I check them yearly and as they start to deteriorate I downgrade them to other equipment such as a pressure washer and replace the one in the motorhome. Does this create any kind of issue by mixing 6 V and 12 V batteries all being lead acid?
Eva Mitic - Go Power

Hi Ron, your batteries have different charging parameters, so your system would charge the batteries with the less amount of demand. In terms of longevity it’s best to have the same voltage and aged batteries in the same battery bank.

Paul asks - Hello, I have a 2018 Shockwave toyhauler with a factory installed GoPower Weekender system that I have added a 2nd 190W panel and 2nd 1v battery. Would it be ok to connect my microwave (700w) to the inverter and if so should I connect it directly to the inverter or to the electrical panel?Thanks
Mark Spilsbury - Go Power

Hi Paul, you could connect it directly with an extension cord, but it would be better to use an automatic transfer switch. This would allow it to be powered up by the inverter automatically and prevent AC back feed when you switched over to shore power or generator power. There might actually be one in the system, but I would have this done by a dealer. 

Gordon n Dani asks - I have a GoPower 2000 Inverter/Converter and four 6V golf cart lead batteries.

I'm looking to add two more batteries for a total of six 6V batteries. I would like to add a solar solution. Where can I go to get help on a solution designed for my setup?

Hi Gordon, ideally the dealer that provided you these parts, but if not we can try to help as well. I would give our solar calculator a go first so you have an idea of the loads etc. I couldn’t get into it on the show but the IC inverter charger also has some other benefits as well.