Storing your Weight Distribution and Hitch with EZStorHitch

Jeff Johnston: Setting up camp can be great fun. You unhitch your trailer, pull your tow rig away, start setting up all your hardware, your tools and so on, but there’s usually something left that you may have to deal with and store somewhere. For example… you may have a pair of these guys– your weight-distributing hitch spring bars–and this guy, the weight-distributing hitch head. I

If you don’t wanna have it hanging out the back of your truck where you’re liable to run into it with your shins, you gotta do something with it.

Well, you can toss it into a storage compartment in the trailer or roll it around in the back of your truck, but there’s another solution that may just be the best idea yet for what to do with this hardware when you’re using your travel trailer. The new EZStor Hitch. It’s a device made to bolt to your trailer’s A-frame area and it gives you a place to store both your spring your and your hitch head. Let’s take a look at how it works. The EZStor features a durable powder-coated finish and an adjustment bolt that lets you change the unit’s mounting angle for hardware clearance. Place the unit on the A-frame and choose a proper spot for it. The hitch base has numerous bolt holes so you can widely adjust its mounting position. You need to plan a spot where the spring bar ends and the EZStor body won’t contact any propane lines or wires. Four long bolts and lower attachment brackets secure the device to the trailer A-frame. Install and tighten the bolts, and that completes the installation. The EZStor may not easily fit trailers with dual batteries or close clearances.

This trailer has room but the weight distributing hitch chain hanger interferes with the mounting plate. The base is large enough to drill new bolt holes and cut off the excess plate material for clearance. A qualified fabrication shop can handle this with ease. Slide the spring bars into place, then mount the hitch head, and secure it with your preferred hitch pin lock. The spring bar chains can be routed around a frame member and padlocked together for extra security. The EZStor Hitch is a solid, simple solution to the question of where to store your hitch and spring bars when not in use.