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RV Education 101 - How to Install a Dometic central Vac System in your RV

RVs are great for rest and relaxation, but one thing you can’t escape from is dirt getting tracked in the RV. Taking a vacuum cleaner
from home and finding a place to store it in the RV can be a real hassle. To solve this problem, Dometic offers the RV vac. The RV vac is an ultra-compact space-saving central vacuum system that fits under seats, in closets, or anywhere else in the RV with a six-inch depth. It’s easy to install too. Here’s how you do it.

The RV vac has two installation options: You can recess it in a cabinet, closet, or storage area wall where there’s at least six inches of depth for the installation, or it can be surface-mounted on a floor, wall, or upside down, underneath a surface. Let’s start with the RV vac recessed installation. Tools required for a flush-mount installation are a drill, a drill bit large enough for the jigsaw blade, a jigsaw, level, Phillips head screwdriver, and safety glasses. Follow all cautions, warnings, and installation instructions when installing the RV vac. Make sure there’s a 120-volt electrical outlet nearby that can be used to supply the vacuum cleaner with power. Do not use extension cords. 

A template is included to mark the area that will need to be cut out. Tape the paper template against the surface at a comfortable operating height. Check the template for level. Trace an outline around the paper template. Drill a hole inside the line of the template,
large enough for the jigsaw blade to fit in. Using a jigsaw, cut along the line you traced around the outside perimeter of the paper template. Some additional framing may be required to support the RV vac in the recessed cutout.

Slide the unit, power cord first, into the opening, and secure using a Phillips head screwdriver to tighten the four attached screws with the clamps. Do not overtighten. Ensure that the dust bag and the motor filter are in place. Well, that completes the recessed installation.

Let’s take a closer look at some surface-mounting options. The RV vac can be surface-mounted to the floor, wall, or upside down,
underneath a surface, using the installation brackets provided. Lay the vacuum on its back and attach a bracket to the left side first. Slide it down so the bottom of the bracket is below the vacuum frame. Tighten the two screws on the left side. Do not overtighten. Repeat the same for the bracket on the right side. Make sure there’s a 120-volt electrical outlet within five feet of the location before installing the unit. Use four screws and washers to mount the vacuum bracket assembly.

Using the RV vac. The RV vac comes with these convenient cleaning accessories. Along with the stretch hose that expands up to 40 feet, it’s easy to reach any area that needs vacuumed. To use the RV vac, open the sliding cover by sliding it to the right. Insert the hose with a twist into the hose connection on the device. Turn the switch on. Clean up the mess, and turn the switch off. Disconnect the hose from the unit, and close the sliding cover by sliding it back to the left. That’s all there is to installing and using the RV vac. Now when the dirt gets tracked in the RV, it’s quick and easy to clean it up.

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