I stayed in an Airstream converted for 'glamping' at a luxury campground near Yosemite, and it was better than any hotel I've stayed in

  • RVing and camping have become two big travel trends during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • AutoCamp – a luxury campground with converted Airstreams as suites – is the perfect mix of both.

  • I stayed at the AutoCamp Yosemite site and saw why the campground chain has boomed in popularity.

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It seems as if almost everyone I follow on social media decided to go camping or road-tripping during our COVID-plagued summer.

Autocamp Yosemite's Airstream suites by trees and walkways
AutoCamp Yosemite’s Airstream suites. Brittany Chang/Insider

I was feeling a bit left out, so I decided to multitask and do both at the same time.

a light on top of books
The living room inside the Airstream. Brittany Chang

During the peak of the 2021 summer travel season, I visited AutoCamp, a luxury campground chain, at its location near Yosemite National Park in California.

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