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The Pros Answer Your Questions

There’s nothing like the immediate response from real professionals to your specific RV questions, and that is what our audience received during our two part ‘Let’s Talk Solar’ presented on our Rollin ‘On TV Facebook Page in 2 weekly parts. 

Solar System experts Mark Spilsbury, RV Division Manager and Eva Mitic, Marketing Manager, answered several dozen questions. Jeff Johnston, Associate Producer for Rollin’ On TV, and tech writer for Trailer Life Magazine and Motorhome Magazine, provided the RV Pro Angle.

Questions ranged from ‘What do I need for my RV’ to ‘What do I need to be sure my C-pap machine runs all night’ to ‘Should I get portable panels vs. panels on the roof’ to ‘Can I run my AC with solar panels’ and many more!


 Some of the Topics covered:

  • “The Basics” – How Solar Works
  • Solar Benefits
  • How Much Solar Do You Need?
  • RV’s Prewired for Solar
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Bluetooth & Connectivity
  • Fixed vs Portable Panels
  • Power Inverters