Installation of a Solid Step from Lippert Components

Jeff Johnston: People have been climbing in and out of RVs pretty much the same way for 40 or 50 years. These collapsible, foldaway steps have been kind of the de facto standard on RVs for a long time, and they work. But there is a better alternative today. Sometimes, these can be a little bit on the wobbly side. You feel a little but unsteady, especially for someone who weighs a little bit more like me. The new solution that is now on the market is a fantastic piece of gear that gives you a solid, secure way to climb in and out of an RV. It’s something that the industry has needed for a long time, and let’s take a closer look at it.

Jeff Johnston installs a Solid Step from Lippert on this RVThis is the new Solid Step from Lippert components. It’s an entirely different concept in RV entry stairs. They’re available in three different sizes, two, three, and four steps. Different widths to accommodate larger and smaller size doors. And they mount fairly easily right here on the top of the step. And we’ll go through the process to show you how that works. But in the meantime, the top step is extremely wide, it’s like 13 inches to give a little more stability when you make that first step into the vehicle.

Jeff Johnston installs a Solid StepEach of the steps has some little traction strips to help avoid slipping. And this is a totally solid assembly that feels nothing like the old standard type steps. Plus there are two adjustments on the bottom, so when you get to your campsite, you can drop the adjustable legs to be able to make the step sit level and solid on the ground. It’s a really neat item, probably in my opinion one of the slickest additions to RV accessories to come along in a long time.

Be sure to watch the step by step install by Jeff in this show!

And when you’re ready to go, that’s it. The Lippert Solid Step,, definitely one of the best product investments you can make in your RV. We needed this about 40 years ago, but it’s good to have it now.