rvWA's 'Drab to Fab' Travel Trailer Restoration by women in the RV industry!

'Drab to Fab' Travel Trailer Restoration Project for a Great Cause!

And now here’s a preview of “Drab to Fab.” It’s a project, a fundraiser, and now a fun, multi-week series, coming up later in January, that’s all for a great cause.

Susan Carpenter: Part of RVWA’s mission is to have it be an organization where
women feel welcome. They have a place to turn. It’s a community that, when they do start working in this industry, they’re automatically, you know, a part of something great, and they feel comfortable. So because we’re a grassroots organization, we’ve only–we’re very young. We’re only about two years into it, and 2020 came along, and we had all these events planned, and then COVID hit. So we kind of went dormant, and we decided, “Well, what are we gonna do?” 

So, one day, I woke up, and for some strange reason, I decided, “Hey, I think
we can flip an RV, and let’s call it, ‘Drab to Fab.'” I mean, it literally happened that fast. It’s been a whirlwind. So within six weeks, we not only had to get an RV, but come up with a marketing plan, come up with, you know, the build schedule and everything else like that. 

And if anybody’s done a renovation project, six weeks with other–these are all volunteers working full-time jobs beyond this–it’s quite the feat. But we were able to pull it off, and what you see behind us is a half-torn-apart RV getting ready to be built back up again.

At the end of this project, when it’s all done, on March 3, the RV Hall of Fame has donated space for us to do a big reveal, and we’re gonna invite all of the workers, all of our sponsors to come and actually see the unveiling of the RV, go in, see it, touch it, feel it, you know, be proud of being a part of this, and then it goes immediately to a raffle, and the proceeds are gonna go to the RV Women’s Alliance to help us fund some other programs for women in the industry.
To learn more, visit the RV Women’s Alliance.