Is the Kia Ray Micro-Campervan the Cutest RV Ever?

Close your eyes and imagine for a second what a cute, little pop-up camper van the Kia Soul would make. Now imagine how adorable it would be if the camper were instead based on the Soul’s smaller, cuter Korean-market brother, the Kia Ray. Now open your eyes back up and see that exact pop-up camper van standing before you, every bit as adorable and fun as you could have imagined. It’s called the Ravy, and it quite impressively packs in a full camper van layout with two beds, a kitchen, camping gear storage, heating and electricity, writes  C. C Weiss at

The Kia Ray measures a mere 141.5 inches (359.5 cm) from bumper to bumper. That’s 2 feet (61 cm) shorter than the Soul and 10 inches (25 cm) shorter than a two-door Mini Cooper. Comparing it to other mini-campervans, the Ray is about 3 feet (91 cm) shorter than the new Volkswagen Caddy California and 10.5 inches (27 cm) shorter than the Fiat Fiorino-based Flexcamper. It’s tiny, although its van-like roofline does stand taller than other minicars at 67 inches (170 cm). Width measures in at 63 inches (160 cm).

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