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Jason Installs a Flagpole on his RV

Jason Ciastko: For a number of years, Tammy and I have wanted to have a flagpole in the back of our travel trailer. Looking around the internet, we found FlagPole Buddy. It’s American-made, can do Starlink, and really well built. Stick around.vWe’re about to install it.

The package from FlagPole Buddy comes with everything that you need: all the tools, clear, concise instructions, and even the flag. So easy, you can do it in your driveway or even in a campground. The instructions are really clear. First, we assembled the key components on the ground. This makes things a lot easier once we’re up on the trailer. Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna install the top bracket. The instructions call for it to be as close to the top of the roofline as possible. Once you have the top section on, do not tighten the bolts down fully yet. Next, we’re gonna go and put the cup on the lower level. Instructions say about 5 feet from the top unit. 

Once the brackets are mounted on the ladder, it is time to loosely fit the flagpole into it to get your proper spacing. Ideally, the top bracket should be on the lower section of the pole. This is gonna help keep it strong. And now that the brackets are mounted on the ladder, it’s time to go on to the flag pole. The flagpole comes in multiple telescoping sections. The top section is held in place with a spring-loaded button. The remainder use pins. There are four flag clips that allow you to have two flags on the pole. Now that we have the flag on the pole, time to put the pole in the trailer. A pole strap is included, which provides extra hold at high winds and to dampen noise inside your RV. Well, that’s it for the installation. Took about a half hour of my time. Nice and easy. It’s an extremely well-made system made in America. Could be used for your flags, your Starlink, even your HAM radio antennas.

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