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A New Campground Feature - Firewood Vending Machine

When you been to a few campgrounds in your life, you get to feeling, “I’ve seen everything at a campground.” And we’re here at beautiful Mayfield Lake Campground in Wisconsin, and we ran into something here that we’ve never seen before. Apparently, it’s available in this area, and it’s going to be spreading elsewhere, but it’s one of the slickest new campground additions we’ve seen. We’re going to show you how it works.

Most campgrounds want you to use local firewood to avoid importing insect pests. The new self-serve firewood vending machines from the Firewood Express are an easy 24/7 way to stock up on your campfire wood. As you might expect, you start by feeding it the $5 fee or go cashless with a credit card. Local prices may vary.

The machine says thank you. And spits out the wood bundle. It’s a fun and convenient way to buy your firewood. Look for the machine at a campground near you