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Pinstriping to Make an RV Unique

Hi, I’m Jeff Johnston for “Rollin’ on TV.” You know, RVers really enjoy decorating their vehicles in different ways so they don’t look like any other on the road. For example, we decided to go with the full-body wrap on the side of our Palomino camper, but that left the back as a blank canvas, still white. We decided to go with an old-school type of decoration with just pinstriping, and there’s no better source for pinstriping than Herb Martinez, “The Line Doctor.”

It all starts with cleaning the surface, measuring and laying out the rough-pattern guidelines. Next, the magic begins. Herb Martinez has been pinstriping for more than 50 years. He learned from the best during his early days and rubbed shoulders with the classic pros in the business. His extensive resume includes many happy customers, magazine feature vehicles, and industry accolades. 

State-of-the-art brushes enable fine applications, and quality paint ensure the lines are durable in a motor vehicle application. While not exactly a lost art, there are relatively few people still practicing this craft. It’s a terrible cliche to say, “It takes a steady hand,” but Herb’s steady hands have been doing their thing for a long time.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to dress up an RV. The otherwise bland Palomino back wall now looks like something extra special.

Well, Herb, this is beautiful. This is exactly what this camper needed to be able to dress it up and, you know, make it stand out from the others, and it’s a real honor to have some Herb Martinez pinstriping on our camper. Can you describe, what do you call this particular style of lines?

Herb: This is called a rainbow feather. These are feathers comin’ out from here. This is a big, gigantic feather right there. And I’ve been doin’ those things for 45 years.

Jeff: Well, it certainly makes our camper look, in my opinion, better than just about every other camper out there on the road.

Herb: Thank you, sir.