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Jeff Reviews the Camper Jack Table

Greetings. Jeff Johnston here for “RVing Today TV.” Like a lot of RVers with smaller vehicles, Pam and I are well adapted to camping and travel in our somewhat compact Palomino fold-down camper, and the size of the camper and the limited storage space inside means everything that goes in it and goes with us has to be fairly efficient and functional. We can’t have a lot of junk or clutter. So it’s pretty exciting for us when we find a new product that actually looks like it’s gonna solve a problem, serve a purpose, and do a really great job for us. And this is the new camper, Camper Jack Table, from Camper Cradle Company. It’s designed to mount on one of your camper jacks using a couple of adjustable brackets, and we will show you, in a few minutes here, what it looks like and how it works. The clamp-on brackets that mount on the jack tubes here have to be about 17 inches apart roughly, and the top bracket needs to be roughly where the height where you want it for your work-table comfort. So we’re gonna make it about here, a little bit higher than normal, but I’m a little taller than normal, so it’ll fit. And, yeah, got plenty of room down here toward the spacing. We’ll see how it goes.

The leg clamps are sized to fit your average jack post, but it’s a little bit larger size, and ours has a somewhat smaller-size jack, so the company includes these traction strips which you cut to shape or size and then glue them inside. We glue ’em inside here so we don’t have to wrangle with it while we’re trying to mount this, but by putting these little strips in there, it takes up a little bit more space and makes it fit a somewhat smaller jack. That’s a situation we ran into. But to secure these, we’re using a traditional contact cement. This is Walthers Goo. It’s a hobby-type product. Doesn’t have to be extremely tight. And we take the base side. We take the base side of the traction material, spread the glue around a little bit. It’s a contact cement. You let it dry and then put it back together. We do that on both pieces, and you wind up with just enough extra liner in there that’ll fit tight on our jack posts. Start the first clamp right about here, to begin with, using these really great heavy-duty fine-thread Allen head bolts to secure it. And when you’re lining this up, the table does not pivot once it’s installed, so the tab with the flat traction surface on top should be kind of aimed in the direction where you want the table to come out from. We are lining this up so that it more or less lines up with the back side of the camper so it sticks straight out from the back. The top one can be snugly secured, and the bottom will be left adjustable for the moment. And that 17-inch mark is approximately where the second clamp fits. This gets installed but remains somewhat finger-tight for the moment. So it’s roughly 17 inches down, and you line up the tab on the lower mount with the hole on the upper one. That’s good for the moment. 

Now, the install is pretty much like you would do if you were setting it up in camp. Starts with the handwheel and bolt, and next up is this brace. This is the underside brace. It fastens between the edge of the table and the lower mount. The top clamps up here, and this makes it fairly loose. We’ve gotta adjust this down a little bit. That looks pretty good with the top table secured by the big thumb wheel. Then we’d get the extension, fit it into the guides and the edge of the table here. Tighten up the thumb wheels. We’ve got a nice, sturdy extension of table that we can use in a campsite. And when you’re in a campsite that has no picnic table or any flat surfaces, every flat meal prep surface is valuable. This is about 32 inches by about 23 and a half inches. It’s made out of steel, stainless-steel fasteners, and we might add “Made in the USA,” and we kind of like that.

Now, you’re not gonna want to get up and dance around on something like this, but it’s sturdy enough that it’ll support any kind of meal preparation, including Dutch ovens and their paraphernalia. It’s a interesting addition to our collection of equipment that we take with us in the camper, and we think that this Camper Jack Table is just one of the coolest little accessories we’ve seen in a long time. The Camper Jack Table, from Camper Cradle Company, it’s a really fun, functional new accessory that we’re gonna get a lot of use out of starting next weekend. I highly recommend it.