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A Fun RV Destination in California's High Sierras

Jeff: The Marble Quarry RV Park is a delightful place to stay when visiting. California’s Highway 49, gold rush country.  It’s a place that RV travelers of all kinds can land for a few days of fun and relaxation.

Ralph Squire: Our namesake is a historic marble quarry up on the hill overlooking the park. and the town of Columbia, the state park. It was operated between 1918 and until the. Great Depression when it go broke.  Another thing that’s unique is we’re very family-oriented, and we encourage people to bring the family dog, the whole family.

Esther Osborne: We’re very dog-friendly here at Marble Quarry RV Park. When you check in, we have a bag of treats for your dogs, and we’re happy to have your dogs.

Ralph: We have 85 total licensed sites. Most of them are full hookup RV sites. We have tent– ten just exclusively for tents.  Plus we have six cabins.  Most of our RV sites can also accommodate tents in addition to the RV.

Native vegetation and scenic natural rock work creates some interesting campsites.  It doesn’t matter. what you drive in the gate,  be it towable or motorized, just about any size or type of RV. can be accommodated at Marble Quarry.

If it’s legal on a road, we can handle it. We have a nice swimming pool that the kids really enjoy on a hot summer day. We have a play yard for kids, especially designed for tiny tots on up to teenagers. We have shuffleboard, horseshoes,  volleyball, tether ball, and just a big nice lawn they can lounge around on. We’re open year-round.  We never close. The off–  the only day. that the office closes is on Christmas Day. And we put a sign up on the door that says, “Go ahead and pick a site and stay here. It’s our Christmas present to you.” So, people can stay here 365 days a year, but our office is open 364.

Jeff: The fully-stocked store with food, drinks, RV supplies, and local souvenirs is part of the Marble Quarry. facilities. And of course, in case you had too much fun and ran out last night, firewood is available. A laundry facility with a lounge is a good place to cool your heels. while the. clothes are tumbling.

Ralph: When people stay here at Marble Quarry RV Park, there’s a myriad of things they can do in the area. There’s Columbia
Historic State Park. They can walk right into that. Seven miles from here in Jamestown is the Railtown 1897. Historic State Park, one of only two operating steam roundhouses in the United States, the other is in Pennsylvania, and there’s just– there’s commercial caves in the area. There’s just our– they can go onto our website at and click. on things to see and do.

Jeff: Columbia State Historic Park is just a short walk down the trail. from Marble Quarry. It’s a restored gold-mining town dating back to 1850. Columbia is managed. as part of the California State Parks system. As many as 6,000 people once called Columbia home. Numerous devastating fires throughout Colombia’s early history encouraged the miners to rebuild with brick and stone and in some cases steel-framed windows. This was a typical progression for early day frontier towns. Some of its structures are reproductions, but some of its buildings are original and have been restored to their gold rush glory. Shopping, dining, and historic attractions like a blacksmith shop and horse-drawn wagon tours keep visitors of all ages busy and interested.

Visitors. can try their hand at gold panning in the Hidden Treasure Goldmine.  Watch that trespassing. Ghost tours, art shows,  music events, a harvest festival, and other activities help make Columbia a fun place to visit.