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Choosing the right Camp Chair for your Camping Style

Most campers need camp furniture of one kind or another. Now, like most of us who have been doing this for an awful long time, we’ve been through a variety of chairs that some are more comfortable than others, some last longer, some fall apart while you’re sitting next to them at the campsite, which of course is hilarious for all of your camping buddies. But we kind of like a chair that’s a little more reliable than that these days. And we ran into this new line that we’re really impressed with. This is by GCI Outdoors. They make a wide variety of chairs of all kinds, standard chairs, rockers, low profile recliners, and so on.

This one is called their slim profile director’s chair. Can see it folds up fairly small, which makes it easier to store in a rig. And most of all, it’s also very easy to deploy. But first, it’s got a built-in handle. And it’s a little bit heavier than some because it’s made out of steel, it’s not aluminum. And the steel gives it, of course, great strength. One of the things we really like about this line is how easy it opens. And that’s it. So, you sit down, and I’m 260 pounds, and I have a very dirty knee. I’m 260 pounds, and this thing feels really good. Plus there’s your little tray on the side with your drink holder. This makes a really nice camp chair. It’s comfortable, it feels like it’s sized right
for a full size adult.

And when you’re ready to go, one of the things we like about it, being of somewhat of a certain older age, is having these arms like this means it’s easier to get up out of the chair. And when you’re ready to bug out, all it takes is lift it up and you’re done. We’re gonna have them with us from now on.