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Maintenance-Free RV Roof Comes with a Transferable Warranty!

If you own an RV, then you already know this. And if you’re just buying an RV, you’ll learn fast enough that one of the items in your RV that constantly needs checking and periodic maintenance is your RV roof. RV manufacturers use two or three types. of roof materials, but they are all susceptible to damage and need. constant inspection and caulking and periodic maintenance. When it comes to RV roof repairs, the old saying goes: “It’s not a matter of ‘if,’ but a matter of ‘when.'” Now, what if I told you there is a RV roof system that’s been around for a while that never needs caulking and is virtually indestructible? Well, there is, and it’s called FlexArmor. Matter of fact, it comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. To learn more about FlexArmor, we found that New England RV Roof in Massachusetts was an authorized FlexArmor facility, so we paid them a visit to learn all about the product and how it’s applied. To put things in perspective,  don’t confuse that FlexArmor roof with a typical roll-on or spray-on-type coating. This is not a coating but a roof in itself that is 3/16-inch thick, flexible, and virtually indestructible. The work  nvolved in applying a FlexArmor roof is quite intensive, as Jim Conboy, co-owner of New England RV Roof, puts it.

Jim Conboy: You know, I’ll have multiple employees working on a camper simultaneously. The biggest part of what we do is preparation. It’s like the old autobody shop: 95% prep for 5% spraying. The whole procedure starts in the prep bay, where conditioners, vents, and just about everything on a roof is removed. At this point, the old rubber or other roof material is removed and if any repairs are needed, they are taken care of at this point. The roof is completely cleaned. All the old caulking is removed prior to completely sanding and grinding certain areas for adhesion and for a nice, smooth roof surface. When all this is done, the entire roof is chemically cleaned prior to starting the actual FlexArmor application. The coating process starts by spraying all around the antennas, vents,  and hard-to-get-at areas,  along with all the edges and seams.  Once that’s complete, the team starts spraying on multiple even coats of FlexArmor until they achieve that desired 3/16-inch build-up. You’ll notice that the FlexArmor is built up around the antennas, vents, and seams, thus eliminating a need for a caulking. How nice is that? Once the FlexArmor is set up, the last application is the latex polymer white UV coating.  Once the polymer coating is dry,  it’s time for the final step of reinstalling all the components and accessories back on the roof. Of course, there were some proprietary procedures and things in this story. we couldn’t show or tell you about,  but I hope we showed you enough to understand how FlexArmor is able to offer a lifetime. transferrable warranty.

By the way, when it comes to maintenance of a FlexArmor roof, Jim Conboy sums it up very easily. Jim: I hate to break the news to people: it’s terrible. There’s no maintenance. The. only maintenance with these roofs is when it gets dirty, you wash it. You don’t have to come to us for annual inspections. You don’t have to go up there and look every 3 months to check. your caulking. There is none. It is a seamless monolithic roof. It takes quite a while for it to get dirty, because, remember, it’s a latex polymer paint we put on. It takes quite a while for it to get dirty. You get a couple of good rains, it cleans itself. But it is a roof. So anything like Dawn, Simple Green,  a soft scrub automotive brush. works just fine. And these are one of the few roofs that you can actually power wash if you want to. There’s no caulking to disturb up there. You can blast away at it as long as you don’t use the tornado bit on these things. But the same thing,  having 32 locations nationwide, there is always someplace to go if you run into that type of issue.

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