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Mark Review the Viair Portable Air Compressor

I’m excited to review today’s product because it’s a topic near and dear to RV owners. For years, I have discussed the importance of checking and adjusting the inflation pressure in your RV tires. This needs to be done when the RV is taken out of storage, before leaving on an RV trip, and while you’re traveling. One problem is finding a portable air compressor capable of inflating some RV tires like ours. And another problem is where to store the compressor in the RV because of its size. I have dealt with these issues and the issue of moving the air compressor in and out of the garage for a long time now, but this Viair portable tire inflator could be
the answer to all of these problems. That’s what we’re going to discuss, demonstrate, and test today.

The tires on RVs support the entire loaded RV’s weight. That is why this topic is
so important. If you inflate the RV tires to the proper inflation pressure for the load, chances are your RV trips will be safe and without breakdowns caused by tire failure. As an RV educator and RV owner, I struggled for answers and a solution to finding a small, portable air compressor capable of inflating the tires on our RV. I don’t recommend using air compressors at gas stations for two reasons. One is they are abused and you don’t know if the inflation pressure is accurate. And two is if you check the tire pressure when the tires are hot, you get inaccurate readings, which can be dangerous.

Viair reached out to me, asking if I was interested in reviewing the 450P-RVS’ portable air compressor. I said I would be interested, and after some research, something I really like is Viair has a line of portable air compressors specifically designed for RVs. Viair has four RVS tire inflator models, so if you see RVS in the model number, it was designed and tested to be RV safe and capable. It’s important you select the right RVS model for your RV. If you visit the Viair website, you will notice there are RVS models available for towable RVs and for class A, B, and C motorhomes.

Today, I’m going to discuss, demonstrate, and test the Viair 450P-RVS air compressor. Viair 450P-RVS features and benefits. This is the Viair 450P-RVS automatic 12 volt portable tire inflator. It was designed specifically for class A motorhomes, and it can be used on smaller tires too. It’s hard to believe a portable air compressor this small can inflate the tires on our RV. When you purchase a Viair RVS compressor, it comes equipped with hoses long enough to reach all of the RV tires, a convenient carry bag, and all the necessary accessories. This RVS tire inflator features a newly revised 40-inch, 90 degree twist-on chuck to make it easier
to fill all tires while standing. The 450P-RVS will inflate most class A RV tires from 80 to 90 PSI in under one minute. The 100% duty cycle is the only tire inflator on the market capable of reaching pressure up to 150 PSI, and it can be operated for up
to 40 minutes at a time before needing to rest.

How to use the Viair 450P-RVS compressor. When it’s time to use a compressor, you simply attach the heavy duty battery clamps to the RV’s battery and start the engine. Connect the tire chuck to a tire valve stem and turn the unit on. The 450P-RVS comes with a close-ended gas station style air gun for added convenience. I let ten pounds of air out of this tire so I can really test the compressor. The 450P-RVS compressor worked way better than the larger compressor I used. It inflated the tire from 80 to 90 PSI with no problem. And what I really like is the Viair RVS portable air compressors eliminate any confusion about what compressor can do the job based on the type of RV you have. One of the best features is the compact size, making it really easy to store for any RV owner. Now when I need to check and adjust the inflation pressure, the compressor is right here ready to do the job. Finally, I feel like I’ve found a line of portable air compressors capable of inflating RV tires and small enough to store in the RV. For more information on Viair compressors, visit And if you want to learn more about using and maintaining your RV, visit

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