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Meet Some of the RV Industry Ladies - Catching Up with the RVWA 'Drab to Fab' Project

Pamela Vandermel: I’m with Lippert and the Customer Service Aftermarket Division. Today, we have a large group of Lippert women from all across our organization who are here helping out to work on this unit and help turn it from ‘Drab to Fab’. When I first heard about this fantastic volunteer opportunity, I jumped in. I’m an RV-er and also liked the opportunity to join this group of women. And this is actually my fourth time here. After coming a couple of times, I was approached and agreed to take on the position of Events Chair for RVWA. We’re excited to have a new year where hopefully we can have some in-person events. 

Today we are removing all the rest of the original graphics that were on the unit, taking off the caulk, doing a general cleaning. Gonna wash it down, make sure that we have all the old residue removed, as well as doing some putty and– putty work inside the unit.

Sandy Dobosiewicz: The challenge has been not everybody knowing what to do or how to do it. But great learners, and they’re willing to take order and direction, so it’s interesting because when– as you come more and more, the same people come and they are getting better and they’re like, “Oh yeah, I understand this now.” So it’s a learning process for everybody.

Valerie Ronzone: I do work on line, I’ve never worked on a production line, so all of this is new to me. Being part of the RVWA is great. It’s women-focused and we learn so many new things and we do so many great things around the community, and I think it’s great that we–that I work for a company that is run by a female GM and she is part of the RVWA and she’s very female-focused. We have women in all different areas of our company and it’s great to see them, you know, from production to purchasing to warranty to sales. They’re in every aspect of it, and I think it’s great to have so many women in powerful positions, in such a male-dominated industry.

Pamela: While we’ve been here each time we meet different individuals and get to have a lot of laughs and good times as well as learn some new skills in remodeling the RV, and it’s been throughout the RV industry. We have different suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, all types of walks that are coming in here.

Sandy: For me, I know none of these ladies, so I’m meeting new people, new faces. It’s nice knowing a voice on the phone ’cause now I’m like, “Oh, hey, did you get my email?” because I needed something from, let’s say, Lippert today on windows and I’m like, “Oh, face with a name,” so it’s helped me find out who’s who.

Valerie: The first time we came out it was just a group of us from East To West so we all knew each other and then after that, I mean, getting to know Susan and Tracy, it was– they made it feel a lot more comfortable coming out time and time after that. And then you get to know the other women that are here and the core that is kind of here all the time. And, I mean, it’s great meeting women from different walks of the RV industry and they’re great. And we wouldn’t have been able to meet these people any other way.

Sandy: The reason why I keep coming back is, I see the progress. I also get to hang out with the same ladies on every Wednesday. It’s kind of like “Wednesday Club.” And things are getting accomplished and I get to help and use my hands
and help them, and they help me, and we solve problems.

Valerie: I think they’ll like the modern style and we’re gonna have a fully functional office in it and the décor and the colors that the designers have put into this look amazing, and it’s just–it’s gonna have that modern feel but still in a camper.

Pamela: So our hope is that whoever wins this raffle is gonna get a fabulous remodeled RV. Maybe it’ll be their first introduction into RV-ing and they’ll just love it even more. It’s gonna be a really unique floor plan with a great office set-up in the front, and the rest is a surprise.