Meet the Kleox Shelter—a 500-Pound Towable with an Affordable Price Tag

The Minimalist Travel Trailer Costs Less Than $6000!

A German company called Kleox is on a mission to make RVing as accessible and affordable as possible. The manufacturing start-up has introduced a minimalist teardrop trailer that is so light that it can be towed behind just about any vehicle. Better still, the camper is very affordable—provided you don’t expect too many amenities.

With its no-frills design, the Kleox Shelter was built to be more of a tent replacement rather than a direct competitor for a traditional travel trailer. However, the towable’s fiberglass shell gives it a leg up on a tent, effectively keeping wind and rain at bay. The Shelter’s elevated floor also keeps campers off the ground, providing a more comfortable place to sleep.

The floor of the Shelter measures 82 inches by 49 inches, which is enough to comfortably sleep two. The walls of the camper are lined with a soft felt-like fabric that helps to keep the interior warmer and quieter, while a rear hatch provides access to the cabin. The liftgate can be left open for improved ventilation, with a zippered tent flap maintaining privacy. Two side windows further assist with airflow while simultaneously allowing natural light to illuminate the space. For more info and images, click here.