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Michelle and Laurie Sell their Lance 1575 - Why?

Hi, Michelle and Laurie from “Rollin’ On TV.” You’ve seen us in quite a few productions probably by now and with our ‘Lacey’ Lance, our Lance 1575. Well, she’s been a beautiful RV for us, and we’ve had her for two and a half years. And now, things have changed.

My mother will be joining us on some of our camping trips, and three adults in here and three dogs, just a little bit too tight. So, we have decided to sell Lacey Lance. And we put the word out there, and we found the perfect couple to take her over. And we want to introduce you right now to the new owners, Jan and Steve West. Come on in!

So tell us, you’re first time RVers? Jan: We are. Steve: We are. 

Michelle: Right, and why do you want an RV now?

Jan: We can travel everywhere, whenever we want to. And because we have a dog, and we like to be able to take our dog with us.
Michelle: Mm-hmm, and we know that’s dog friendly 😉

And today, we’re going to actually give them an informational, educational kind of tour of Lacy. And we’re going to focus on two things basically. The Truma AquaGo, which is not installed standardly on this Lance model in 2017. And the Winegard satellite system, so you can be sure to get good Wi-Fi when you go to these campgrounds.

Michelle: Laurie explains the basics of the Truma AquaGo instant hot water heater to the new owner, Steve.

There’s nothing like hands-on learning, so I had Steve walk through setting up the Winegard connection for their internet. It can be very complicated the first time, so hopefully it’ll be easy for them when they’re set up in their first campground and try and hook up the Wi-Fi.

Enjoy our ‘Lacey’ Lance Jan and Steve!