Show 2020-09

Jeff Considers a New Tow Truck at Auto Show. Michelle visits Bay View Campground on Cape Cod. Then
Check out RV Education 101’s Trailer Restoration – Part 1 of 5.


Jeff Johnston checks out the new truck show in Portland, Oregon, looking for a new tow vehicle. Then Michelle and Laurie visit the Bay View Campground on Cape Cod for a few days of relaxation at this peaceful location. Also, Jeff Johnston, our tech expert, shows us his surefire way of getting a campfire going quickly.

Later, if you’re considering restoring a vintage trailer, then check out part one of our five-part series with Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 as they take us through the stages of restoring their 1967 Yellowstone vintage trailer.

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Jeff Considers a New Tow Truck!

If you are considering tow truck options and looking at maybe upsizing a little bit, join us as we go to the Portland Auto Show and see what they’ve got to offer for new vehicles. You can go online, you can–you know, you can visit the car dealerships and whatnot. But go to an auto show, and it’s all the brands in one place at one time. It’s a great place to look around at new options, and we’re looking forward to the trip.


Destination Campground on Cape Cod, MA

Bay View Campground, in Bourne, MA, is at the entrance to the well-known Cape Cod tourist area. In this story we interview owner Dave Ritchie and learn the rich history of this almost 100 acre campground. A large peaceful, quiet, clean campground to relax in. 

Tons of nice family amenities. Check out this story.

RV Education 101

Restoring a 1967 Travel Trailer

Mark Polk: Hi, I’m Mark Polk with RV Education 101. Several years ago, we restored a vintage 1967 Yellowstone travel trailer. Our goal with the restoration was to keep the original vintage look, but update it with modern day amenities found in today’s RVs. This is how we did it.

We found our restoration project sitting in a backyard, and we purchased it for $300. One important consideration when you purchase a vintage trailer like this is getting it home safely. 

Vintage Restoration
Campfire Tip Using Wax from Jeff of Rollin' On TV

campground tips

Sure Fire Way to Start Your Campfire

Well, it’s campfire time again, and I for one am really glad for it. Been a long winter. But getting started in the spring means sometimes we wind up using firewood that’s a little less than optimum, maybe it’s a bit wet or green or a little bit punky. Well, there’s something you can do that can make starting up this fire a whole lot easier. There’s a really simple little tool you can make that helps you start a fire like this with one match every time. Let’s take a look.