This New Teardrop Trailer Expands Into a Multi-Room Cabin With Its Own Bedroom

It may not turn into a robot like a Transformer, but there’s still more to the Hunter Nature Raptor XC than meets the eye.

The Turkish outfit’s latest model is a teardrop trailer that can expand. Thanks to an ingenious design, the Raptor XC can easily be towed by any mid-size SUV and quickly converts into a multi-room living space once you’ve reached your destination.

Despite its angular shape, the Raptor XC looks like any other teardrop trailer at a glance. That changes once it’s unhitched, though. The rear of the vehicle can slide out—either manually or via an optional remote-controlled system—effectively increasing the amount of interior living space by a third. When fully stretched out, the trailer measures 22.6 feet from end to end, as opposed to 15.7 feet in its original state.

The nearly seven feet of extra space in the slide-out section is meant to be used as a dedicated bedroom and can accommodate two adults. Meanwhile, the spacious main cabin features a compact kitchenette with a two-burner stove and fridge. It also houses a combination dining and lounging area with bench seating and a pop-up table. There’s also a full bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower.

Both the cabin and slide-out are also equipped with panoramic side windows and skylights, so you’ll get plenty of natural light and be able to enjoy the great outdoors, even when you’re inside. And as is increasingly a must, there’s plenty of storage in both sections of the trailer. Read the original story and see video here.