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We join Bob  from “RV Enthusiast” and Pierce Fitzpatrick from ‘No Dirty Water’ to learn about cutting-edge technology in RV water filtration systems. Later, Jeff visits Crystal Basin Cellars, a Harvest Host destination. Then Max from Coachman RV shows us what makes this model a great pet- and kid-friendly unit.

Cutting Edge Technology Review

Product Review

Hi, everybody, I’m Bob Livingston with “RV Enthusiast Magazine” and “Rollin’ on TV.” And today, I have Pierce Fitzpatrick from No Dirty Water with me. We’re gonna talk about the lifeblood for all RVers, and that’s water.

RV destination

Crystal Basin Cellars

Today, our “Rollin’ on TV” Quick Stop is Crystal Basin Cellars in Camino, California, our favorite kind of Harvest Host location: a winery. A modest parking area means they can accommodate two Harvest Host rigs at a time.


Paws on Board

Pet Friendly RV

I’m Dr. Fitz, we’re here with Max Keagle from Coachman RV, and of course, our dog friend, Zoey. Max, welcome to “Paws on Baord.”

We’re talking about RV’s that have pet-friendly features. What unit are we looking at today?

Max: So, today we’re looking at the Coachman RV Northern Spirit which is a towable travel trailer– and it really includes a lot of unique features that are great for pets.