What a great hour of fun with Wholesale Warranties! Watch the recording and learn more than you’ve probably ever known about RV Extended Warranties. Also meet Jim Hoffman, VP of Operations, and Staci Ritchie-Roman, Mkt Director. We also had a surprise appearance from the founder of Wholesale Warranties who jumped into our comment area ;).

At a time when new and used RV ownership is surging, so will the need for extended warranties and having such a highly respected name like Wholesale Warranties as a sponsor allows us to bring our viewers another A1 sponsor with products or services we would use and feel proud to represent.RV Extended Warranty and RV Insurance are one of the most common topics in RV Facebook groups.  You’ll get lots of answers and opinions from people and even experts but are they the right answers for you.

Wholesale Warranties has been a staple of the RV industry for over 15 years, and spent three of them on the INC. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list. It is also rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is highly recommended by influential RVers. We didn’t find a single negative review!

Here are the top 5 questions asked:
1. What is the difference between an extended warranty and RV insurance?

2. Where can you get work done?

3. How does the deductible work, and are there any other out of pocket expenses to be aware of?

4. What will the policy cover? What does it exclude?

5. When should I buy a policy? Should I wait until my manufacturer warranty has expired?

Does this sound familiar? You’ve purchased your first RV. In the finance office you’re now offered a small selection of different RV Warranty options. It’s often at the end of a long tiring visit to select the RV, come to terms on the financing and then there’s the warranty decisions. It’s hard to say, ‘I’ll hold on the warranty for now’. You want to protect this big investment so your gut says we should really get one of these warranties…. and it would be much easier to just do it now, right? Better to be safe than sorry?

A friend recently purchased a small Wolf Pup travel trailer for $12,000. When she walked out of the dealer, she had purchased $8800 (!) in warranty items! The next day she came to her senses and got out of some of them. One was even a motorized option and she had a trailer!

Now, picture your auto insurance agent. You didn’t buy your car from their agency but you get your insurance from them. Many of us still have the local insurance office we can go to for questions, issues, etc. and even know the name of our personal agent. It’s often a long-term relationship.

Let us now introduce you to Wholesale Warranties. They are just like your reliable insurance agent. They will match you to the right warranty  provider and be your ‘go to’ throughout the life of your policy. 

What does it mean to find the right provider and coverage? When we purchased the Lance 1575 in 2017, they did purchase the dealer’s RV warranty at a cost of $2,260 which came to about $20 a month. Experience showed us that every single issue required a $100 deductible (!) even minor things. We were eventually advised to wait until we had about a dozen things to be fixed before bringing it to the dealer so that the warranty would kick in. Had the dealer offered a different coverage option with a more reasonable deductible scenario, we would have gone with that.

Wholesale Warranties, on the other hand, finds the best providers, and gives the RVer all of the info they need to make the right decision for them! This way, you aren’t stuck with a policy you don’t understand, or that doesn’t match up with your coverage expectations.

Here are some of the obvious differences in a traditional RV Dealer’s Extended Warranty and Wholesale Warranties Extended Warranty:

Wholesale Warranties

    • Multiple policies offered, including one built by Wholesale Warranties 
    • Can be used at ANY licensed repair facility in the US or Canada, including mobile mechanics! 
    • Personalized service and pricing.
    • Top Coverage – Wholesale Warranties cover commonly failed items that are left off most major competitor contracts, including wiring, wiring harnesses, and generator.
    • Deductible is paid per visit, not per item
    • Wide Eligibility
    • Can offer coverage to motorhomes 20 model years old and newer
    • Can offer coverage to towable RVs 15 model years old and newer
    • Available for Class A, B and C motorhomes as well as travel trailers, 5th wheels, pop-up campers, and more towable units.

Want to diver a little deeper before the live event? Here are the levels of coverage offered from Wholesale Warranties

Exclusionary RV Warranty: This is the highest level of coverage available for both motorhomes and towable RVs. An exclusionary policy will tell you what is NOT covered by the policy. If your breakdown is not on the contract’s specific exclusions list, then it will be covered. The policy is built to cover most any electrical or mechanical failure on your vehicle, and items that will be covered by this policy range from your microwave to your diesel engine, and will even cover uncommon components like solar panels.

Listed Component RV Warranty: This policy is another very comprehensive option. The policy will read the exact opposite of an Exclusionary contract. That is, a Listed Component RV warranty will provide a list of what IS covered by the policy. If the failure is not specifically listed as covered, it will be excluded. Items you can expect to be covered by this policy include appliances, heating and cooling components, your engine, and more.

Powertrain Only RV Warranty: This level of coverage is perfect for the motorhome owner who is looking to protect their budget from the most catastrophic possible breakdowns. A Powertrain Only policy will cover your engine, transmission and drive axle components. All other failures are excluded by this type of contract.

Coach Only RV Warranty: Specific to motorhomes, a Coach Only policy will offer coverage to the mechanical components housed in the “coach” of the unit. Your engine, powertrain, and drive axle will be specifically excluded. Items you can expect to be covered include appliances, heating and cooling, leveling jacks, and more.