nuCamp Preparing ‘Americanized’ Barefoot for Production

By: Published on: Dec 30, 2020

nuCamp RV, a well known manufacturer of campers and teardrop trailers based in Sugarcreek, Ohio, announced Tuesday (Dec. 29) that the Barefoot, a retro-styled camper modeled after the UK Barefoot, is coming to the U.S. and production of the Americanized version of the camper will begin shortly.

Company officials said they were pleased to announce that the first nuCamp fiberglass shell arrived in December after delays due to COVID, according to a release. The camper will be a seamless one-piece solid fiberglass shell, unlike other fiberglass campers traditionally manufactured in multiple pieces.

As expected, officials have identified additional adjustments the company wants to make to the shell. The second shell with the modifications is already in production at the fiberglass manufacturer, and the adjustments are required before assembling the first full prototype. The adjustments to the body will further delay the release of the Barefoot, the release noted. Read more here.