Viewers Recommend RecPro Sewer Hose Tubes

Hi, this is Tammy and Jason Ciastko, friends of “RVing Today.” About a year ago, Michelle Fontaine came through and we noticed this really clever sewer storage hose unit that you can install underneath your trailer, and we just had to have one.

So this is how we used to do it. We pile it all up into a tote, which gets a little stinky ’cause it’s inside your trailer, and you have to shove it in here, which is taking up really precious storage space and prohibiting things from–you know, the important tiki pole from being able to fit in there.

Jason: So with our 2017 17-foot X Flight from Forest River, really not a whole lot of space. This here, we’re just gonna take it, we’re gonna end up mounting it underneath here. It’s a little late in the season to be worried about it for this year.

It’s available on the RecPro website.  Like we said, Michelle showed us hers. And I don’t think we’re gonna a better way to store the sewer hose, or the tiki poles, and anything else that’s long, it’s gonna go underneath there.

Tammy: You can install multiple ones. Michelle has two underneath her unit. And you could even store fishing poles or your tiki poles, which, if you live in an area like ours, there’s a lot of mosquitoes and these things are pretty important.

Jason: Thanks to “RVing Today” for showing us all about this. We look forward to using it for many years in the future.

Tammy: And thank you to the minds who create clever things like this!