RV Features

Pets are Family too!

It’s no secret that a lot of RV-ers travel with their pets, and many campgrounds are also pet-friendly. RV-ers aren’t going to leave any family member behind. The RV industry is paying attention and the new Mesa Ridge from Jayco includes a model that’s a recent addition to the pet-friendly RV market. Our own Michelle Fontaine took a good look around a pet-friendly Highland Ridge and saw some interesting features.

Michelle Fontaine: I noticed this RV is pet-friendly, so let’s go in and take a look, and Angie is gonna describe the RV for us, and why it’s pet-friendly.

pet-friendly-rv-featureAngelia Peterson: I’m Angie, and I’m the brand manager for Highland Ridge RV, and this is the 335MBH Light fifth-wheel. And this is Cookie and she is already enjoying her pet-friendly dishes over there which are conveniently stored underneath the refrigerator which makes it easy for her to get her food and water and also it’s very easy to, when you’re traveling down the road, simply slide it in place. And it locks in place, so there’s no mess, no fuss, no nothing.

Over here we have these two oversized recliners and let me tell you, you know, after a long day you wanna come in and relax and watch TV, they have heat and massage.

Michelle: And you’ve got a nice little fireplace going.

And over here we do have a jackknife sofa so that if you have some additional guests, they can stay right there. We have this huge island kitchen over here Lots of outlets here.

And one thing that you’ll notice, too, is that our heat registers are not in the floor, but they’re up out of the way so that poor Cookie’s paws won’t get stuck in the floor. They’re actually up out of the way. It’s much cleaner and we have the linoleum throughout the main living areas so it’s much easier to clean, and patented flush floor slides too. So you’re not having to step up or anything like that.

But back to this kitchen, oh my gosh. It is a gourmet chef’s dream. You’ve got this beautiful island right here with lots of storage. You even have a pantry over here. And you’ve got these wonderful slide-out drawers right here where I happen to keep Cookie’s little treats. You’ve also got, you know, your overhead compartment here. You’ve got a three-burner gas stove and even a 17-inch oven.

We’ve also got our 8 cubic refrigerator, stainless steel, and our residential highrise faucet with one large sink. I love this feature because I can get my big pots underneath here, I can wash Cookie in this sink. Trust me, because she loves to roll around in the mud.

You have a desk right here and you can put a TV against this wall. You’ve got plenty of storage right here. This converts into a bed and if you have kids over, this folds down actually into a bunk bed. So it’s a great hiding place for kids or your office or even for adult guests, and it’s–as you can see– it’s very spacious.

Michelle: Mmm, nice. So if you’re traveling with dogs and are leaving the trailer, you could actually put their kennel in here or lock them in here for safety? And they have their own little space.

Angelia: The nice thing about the Highland Ridge showers is that they’re all radius. You’ve got your shower surround here, with the wand and a skylight up above. Plus, you also have your porcelain flip flush toilet.

And now in here we have the large queen-size bed with lots of storage everywhere for shirts, and off to the side you’ve got two nightstands with electrical plug-ins so you can plug in your phones, your tablets, whatever it may be, it’s right there at your fingertips.

You’ve got a nice full-size wardrobe slide over here for all of your hanging and of course, if you’re like me, you’ve got shelving over here for your shoes and sweaters.

Again, this is the Light 335MBH by Highland Ridge RV.