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Pussers Pain Killer, From Sailing to RVing

The ‘Pain Killer’ has long been a favorite drink of sailors, especially those that sail the Caribbean waters. It has a wonderful fruity (but not sweet) taste; goes down extremely easy, but can pack a wallop depending on how much rum is used.

I was introduced to the ‘Pain Killer’ while filming our boating show in the BVI for a few years. Another thing we learned was that, not all rums are created equal and to make a great painkiller you need to use dark rum, or what’s commonly referred to Navy Rum. That’s when we met Charles Tobias, owner of Pussers Rum, one of the most popular rums in the Caribbean. As we got to know Charles better, we got him to sit down with us on camera and tell us all about Pussers Rum, the company, it’s resorts and how to properly make the famous Pussers Pain Killer. We learned how Pussers got the nickname, Nelson’s Blood. (Very interesting story). 

So what has this got to do with RVers? Well when we started producing Rollin’ On TV I introduced Jeff Johnston, our associate producer to Pussers and he quickly became hooked as have quite a few other RVers that have wet their lips on it. So I came to the conclusion that why should this delicious drink just be associated with sailors or folks that vacation in the Caribbean.

Well, hello RVers, grab yourself a bottle of Pussers Rum before you head out on your next RV adventure and once your settled in at your destination, whip up a batch of Pussers Pain Killers. By the way, Charles gives us the Pain Killer recipe on the video and it does include quite a few ingredients, but don’t worry, Pussers also makes a Pain Killer mix that will save having to carry all the ingredients with you. And unlike many mixes on the market, Pussers makes this one themselves and it works very well. OK let’s see how many fellow RVers you can convert into Pain Killer aficionados.

Cheers everyone!

4-parts Pineapple juice
1- part Orange juice
1- part Cream of coconut milk
2 to 4 oz. of Pussers Rum
Pour the mixture in to a glass of ice
Sprinkle some nutmeg on top and garnish with with a piece of pineapple and or a slice of orange.